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successful in career,

unfulfilled in life!

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A life-changing 1:1 experience for men.

Combining Modern and ancient healing ​modalities to leave you full of passion, ​purpose and excitement for life!


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"Courage is the power

to let go of the familiar."

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You've got your finances sorted, and to others, it seems like you're living the dream. But deep down, ​there's a feeling of emptiness that's hard to explain. It's like something's missing, and you find ​yourself stuck in the same old routine, even though it doesn't make you happy like it once did.

That feeling you have inside you is telling you that it is time to grow!

This immersive experience is your chance to answer that inner call. It's a journey that'll help you see ​yourself and the world in a whole new way.

By the end, you won't just have a clearer picture of who you are, but you'll see life through a new ​perspective. You'll discover new things about yourself, find a renewed sense of purpose, and gain the ​confidence to make the changes you want to make. Your life will be more meaningful and joyful ​because you've let go of the mental barriers that often come with success and the self-identity you ​currently hold.

This isn't just a retreat; it's a chance to transform your life. Break free, explore, and embrace the ​exciting, purposeful life that's waiting for you.

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The experience

This 10-Day experience removes you from all your distractions and escapes and forces you to look at ​your shit. Going inwards is the only place you havent been looking in order to feel the way you want ​to feel and experience genuine inner-peace.

Combining modern and ancient therapeutic modalities to bring about the change you’re aware need ​to happen, along with shining a light on your blind spots. We will look the unconscious mind to ​discover the parts that are preventing you from fully thinking, feeling, and doing better overall.

Note: This experience will be challenging. It will shift your perspective on how you view yourself, the ​world, and everything in it. It will open your mind and your eyes to world that lives beyond the five ​senses.

the pillars

Mental | Physical | Emotional | Spiritual

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10-Day immersive experience

Below gives you a rough guide of the itinerary.

Like anything, the more you put in, the more you get out. As a high-achieving man you’re not shy of ​hard work. However, this will push you in ways you’ve never been pushed before. Although nothing is ​compulsory, each day I expect full participation.

Day One:

Initial unpacking session - Open discussion about the week ahead and what to expect

We will also briefly revisit the current challenges and the desired outcomes.

Location: Various

All mornings start with QiGong and Meditation.

Day Two:

Deep Release with Energy Healing

Day Three:

Journey to Self-discovery Immersion

Day Four:

Mountain/Kitamani - Coaching

Day 5:

Three day fast starts - Sauna & Ice - Coaching

Day 6:

Waterfall and Somatic Experiencing - Coaching

Day 7:

Plant Medicine Ceremony - Break Fast

Check in - and Unpacking - Learn whats come up and what has shifted.

Day 8:

Bio-Hacking - Rest & Relax

Day 9:

Forward goal planning - Rest & Relax

Day 10:


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somatic therapy

& Breathwork

The science is in and extensive on both of these healing modalities.

Somatic therapy, is a cutting-edge modality that taps into knowledge that is stored in the body to ​navigate emotional challenges. Somatic practices are about the regulation on the nervous system, ​and managing your responses to triggering events.

By focusing on bodily sensations and movement, it helps us unearth and release stored stress, ​trauma, or tension. This therapeutic approach not only fosters healing from within but also cultivates ​resilience, enhances self-regulation, and promotes a profound sense of wholeness.

Breathwork is a transformative practice, we use the power of conscious breathing to unlock profound ​mental, emotional, and physical shifts.

By employing specific breathing techniques, it taps into the body's innate ability to heal, reduce ​stress, and promote inner calm. This intentional breath-led journey facilitates release, cultivates ​mindfulness, and enhances clarity, fostering a deep sense of relaxation and revitalisation.

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plant medicine

Plant medicine ceremonies trace their roots through centuries of cultural and spiritual practices, ​notably among indigenous tribes in various parts of the world. These ceremonies often involve the ​ritualistic consumption of mushrooms containing a naturally occurring psychoactive compound.

Historically, these ceremonies were deeply embedded in indigenous cultures, used for healing, ​divination, and connecting with the spiritual realm. Shamans and tribal leaders facilitated these ​rituals, guiding participants through profound inner experiences aimed at spiritual growth, healing, ​and gaining insights into oneself and the universe.

In modern times, scientific interest in plant medicine has surged, particularly regarding its potential ​therapeutic benefits. Research has shown results in treating conditions like depression, anxiety, ​PTSD, and addiction. Controlled experiences have demonstrated the compound's ability to induce ​transformative experiences, leading to a sense of interconnectedness, increased empathy, and ​profound shifts in perception.

Scientifically, plant medicine interacts with serotonin receptors in the brain, influencing perception, ​mood, and cognition. These interactions can lead to alterations in consciousness, often described as ​a heightened state of awareness, amplifying introspection and emotional openness.

Psilocybin ceremonies today often occur in carefully structured settings with trained facilitators, ​emphasising psychological preparation, support during the experience, and integration afterward. ​Men and women will undergo these ceremonies seeking personal growth, healing, and a deeper ​understanding of themselves and the world around them.

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Earth-led coaching

When surrounded by nature, most experience a calming influence on your mind and body.

Outdoor coaching sessions introduce a dynamic twist, offering unique benefits like reduced stress, ​heightened focus, increased mindfulness, and genuine presence.

Nature allows for self-reflection, connecting you with your thoughts and feelings like no four walls ​can.

Mountains, waterfalls, beaches, and forests enhance the coaching experience, allowing for profound ​exploration.

My role is to create a positive, powerful coaching journey tailored to your individual needs, and I’ll be ​using nature to assist.

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Biohacking is a lifestyle approach aimed at optimising physical and mental wellbeing.

Biohacking as a practice introduces benefits such as heightened cognitive function, improved ​physical performance, enhanced sleep quality, stress reduction, increased energy levels, and ​potential longevity advantages.

You will begin/enhance your biohacking journey with practices like breathwork, fasting, and ​structured experiences such as ice baths and saunas.

It's important to note that individual responses may vary, and not all methods have robust ​scientific support. Before making significant lifestyle changes, it's advisable to consult with ​healthcare professionals.

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rest & Integration

I cannot emphasise the profound importance of rest and integration after a transformative journey of ​personal growth.

Over the course of your 10-day experience, you will engage in deep and meaningful work, exploring ​various facets of your life. However, true transformation requires time to rest and integrate the ​insights gained.

Rest is not merely a pause in the journey; it is an essential part of the process. It allows the mind and ​body to absorb the learnings, creating a fertile ground for lasting change. The immersion is designed ​to provide moments of tranquillity, where you can recharge, reflect, and internalise your experiences.

Integration is the bridge between insight and sustainable change. This programme includes ​intentional practices to help you weave the lessons learned into your daily lives when you return ​home.

By prioritising rest and offering tools for effective integration at this point. the aim is to empower ​men on their personal growth journey. We believe that the true impact of the work done during the ​retreat extends beyond the event itself, creating a lasting foundation for a more fulfilling and ​purposeful life."

your guide

mason dyson roberts

My journey has been a checkered one. From violence, drugs, ​gangs and jail, to professional athlete, business owner, and ​now delivering a number of modern and traditional wellness ​practices to some of the world’s largest organisations.

My message is simple. Life is a journey to Self-Discovery, ​meaning: What we are desperately looking for is finding out ​who we truly are past our labels.

Many use money, work, drugs, booze, and women to find ​fulfilment but all are very temporary fixes for the deeper ​solution you’re looking for.

I am an ICF accredited Life Coach, an IBF Breathwork ​Facilitator, Reiki Level II Practitioner, and Somatic Therapy ​Practitioner.

My own personal growth journey is now in its eleventh year ​and still counting as growth/healing is a life-long path. It’s a ​beautiful experience to witness yourself evolve and elevate ​mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

I look forward to taking you and your journey too.

who this is for

Men who feel the call to dive deep into their personal growth

Men who struggle to articulate what they truly want

Men who are ready to sit in the discomfort of this work

Men who are ready to open their minds and their hearts to new experiences

Men who are curious about what more they can acheive in life

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who this is NOT for

Men who looking for an easy “fix”

Men not ready to take responsibility for their actions

Men who plan to quit if it gets too hard

Men not willing to opening their minds and hide behind their walls

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Dates: Six experiences are run each year.

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